Travel Pain Cream 5g

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(4 customer reviews)

Travel Pain Cream 5g

4 reviews for Travel Pain Cream 5g

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    Karen E Krajcsovics

    I wal lucky enough to receive a sample of the 5mg Travel pain cream. Worked incredibly well. I want to try the gummies or the pet drops. Unfortunately, money has been extremely tight. Hopefully soon. Thanks for all you do?

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    Elizabeth Acosta

    I received the sample and I was kind of skeptical on whether it was going to work or not.. I was hoping that the amount they send was enough for me to see if it worked and it did.. so I just have to purchase a larger one.. can’t wait to receive it.. thank you so much

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    Debra Williams

    This is the best cream I have ever used. I have severe pain in my thumb from trigger thumb. I put it on and let it dry before putting on my brace. Gives me great relief. I have ordered the larger jar. So glad I found this company.

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    I recieved a sample of this CBD pain cream, I deal with alot of chronic pain I had 4 spinal fusions, I have arthritis in my hips where the 4 bone grafts were done & neuropathy in my legs & feet from permanent spinal cord nerve damage. This was all from being hit by a drunk driver. It really does relieve the pain from the neuropathy which is persistent like a toothache. It calms it down so I could sleep or at least take my mind off the pain. I truly appreciate the sample its so hard being on disability. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy gummies soon! Thanks again

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