D10 Disposable Vape 1 Gram Hemp Derived


If you’re more interested in head highs than a body high, Sativa will be your best friend. It’s the best pre-filled Sativa Delta 10 disposable pen on the market. Available in Green Crack, Blue Cookies, and Dolato.

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Delta 10 disposable vape pen contains hemp-derived Delta 10 oil and strain-specific terpenes. Each vape contains:

  • Agents: No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent

FlorBiz Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pen Product Description

  • Disposable: Yes
  • Servings per Vape Pen: Varies depending on the size of puffs

FlorBiz Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pen Extract Description

  • Type:  Delta 10 oil with natural terpenes
  • Amount of Extract: 900mg
  • Extraction Material: Hemp
  • Delta 9 THC Content: None detected
  • Natural Terpenes: Yes

FlorBiz Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pen Directions

  1. Remove vape pen from the packaging. (Vape pen comes pre-charged)
  2. (if a model with no power button on the front) Remove rubber protector from the top and inhale vape.    (if a model with the power button on the front) Remove protector from the top.
  3. 2 clicks to pre-heat.
  4. 3 clicks to adjust the voltage.
  5. 5 clicks to turn on/off.
Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
Strain Flavor:

Dolato, Blue Cookies, Green Crack


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