CBD Melatonin Gummy, Whether you’re struggling to fall asleep in general or are failing to do so while on a long flight, these CBD Melatonin Gummies are designed to help you drift off to sleep with ease.

Qty. 20 Gummies

25MG Full Spectrum in each Gummy.

500MG in the entire container.


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(6 customer reviews)

25MG per Gummy
20 Gummies in Container

Elderberry Gummies have been specifically formulated to promote sleep and boost your immunity. This perfect blend of ingredients combines the sedating effect of CBN with CBD to provide you with a night of restful and relaxing sleep. The Elderberry found elderberry gummies are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, which boost your immunity and reduces inflammation.

FlorBiz CBD gummies are the best elderberry gummies manufactured in the US in FDA-approved facilities. Our package consists of 20 gummies. Each serving contains 25mg. Suggested servings for nature-made elderberry gummies are 1-2 gummies daily.

Our CBD Gummies are naturally tasty, as they are made using the best elderberry gummies recipe by our team of experts and scientists.

Try our best elderberry gummies today and taste the difference!

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6 reviews for CBD GUMMY MELATONIN 25MG each 500MG

  1. Shanna Schulte

    They taste great and help me relax to get a good night sleep. Will be buying again!

  2. Amanda

    I recieved this product as a free sample from florbiz.com and I am very impressed I got 3 gummies I have insomnia I have had it since I was a infant on occasion I will use melatonin and or valerian root surprisingly I only needed 1 gummy and within minutes I started to feel like I could lay down for bed where as most others can take 20 min- hrs before I feel tired and the flavor is pretty good also has a mild sour patch kid mixed with a good strawberry flavor I definitely recommend this for people who struggle to get to sleep or have insomnia and I also slept thru the night when I took these

  3. David (verified owner)

    These are the best! They work great for me and my wife..

  4. deanna krug (verified owner)

    These CBD Gummies worked great. I bought them for my husband who has a hard time sleeping and these do the trick everytime. I notice after about 30 minutes you feel super relaxed and shortly after come the super heavy eyes. They are great for a long steady sleep. These are also great for those who just want to feel relaxed and not have to worry about thc. Definitely recommend these to all.

  5. Dayana

    These gummies are the best I’ve ever had in my life, I currently have trouble sleeping and these gummies have helped me a lot, they make me fall asleep very quickly without so much trouble. They have also helped me a lot with my kidney pain since I have stones and the pain is very strong, but these gummies help me to sleep better and without pain! If you are looking for something effective to sleep or relieve some pain this is the solution!

  6. Jennifer Brown

    I was half asleep when I had last tried to write this review hahahaha…it ended up on Google…WHELP! LOL Ladies and Gentlemen, these are incredibly good. They ACTUALLY WORK…I would know. I have tried ummm I don’t know, everything? I struggle with chronic pain. I had gotten a 200 pound desk dropped on me in 2011. I never recovered. I have CRPS – a nervous system illness. I won’t ever get better. My pain is relentless at above child birth all day, every day. So like I said, I’ve tried everything. These work. They didn’t leave me groggy the next day or even more depending on meds to fall asleep. I am definitely loving these
    Like I am trying to figure out how I can find the money in my already extended budget that I can trade out, in order to repurchase these CBD Melatonin Gummies. I need these in my life. Honestly I wish I had found this company sooner. They’re more affordable and I have had a great experience with their products. I highly recommend this!!

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