The prices are very competitive on all the products at FlorBiz. I really enjoy the calming effect of my Bubba Kush hemp flower. With all the insanity going on in the world it's nice to enjoy some peace. I also use the hemp flower for inflammation and pain which subside after usage. I will definitely be a customer for life.

Charli Gyrl

I tried the Delta 8 infused Bubba Kush and Sour Space Candy flowers. I was pleasantly surprised by both. From the great taste to the pain relief that I get, and finally being able to sleep again, I am so glad I found FlorBiz LLC. The customer support and shipping are both tops of the line also. I have not had any issues, and my products are delivered in a timely manner. I am about to try the Delta 8 infused Hawaiian Haze and will let you all know what I think.

John Sunsfever83

I tried the gummies and they are fantastic. I work 12-hour swing shifts and sometimes it’s very hard to sleep during the day. I ate one of the gummies and I was out. Probably the best sleep that I have had in years. Thank you so much.

Alan Carrico

Florbiz Delta 8 slide gummies are excellent. Each gummy contains 50MG Delta 8 CBD per Gummy, They are Vegan and Organic. I have very low tolerance. One whole gummy for me is to much it worked so well. I generally take 1/3 to 1/2 at a time depending on my pain or anxiety level. It definitely helps with pain and you will sleep like a rockstar. Totally recommend these! I have tried other FlorBiz products and they are all wonderful so far. They get right back to you with any questions you have, and the shipping was super fast. Great products, with great prices.

Deanna Stinebrickner

I remember 10 years ago I was depressed, I tried to commit suicide 2 times, I was tired, feeling lost with no idea what my future will be. Addicted to painkillers and with 5 dollars in my pocket, and I told myself, something have to change, that's when I started using CBD, I was never a fan of feeling paranoid, and really down all the time so the feeling of CBD was perfect for me.

In those times money was really tight so buying good CBD was very difficult for me, and buying cheap stuff was just wasting my money, that's when I decided to source the best CBD and talking directly with the Farms, with the owners, so I can provide a Premium Quality but at a lower price to the people need it CBD but couldn't afford the Premium Grade.

We work with the Best Farmers in Southern Oregon and we have a small size hemp farm with a unique drying system. That helps us provide an affordable price and don't compromise in quality.

Even we did all that, overhead, employees, offices, and administrations fees were killing our business, and we couldn't afford the low prices, so we had to go back to the drawing board and see what we need it to do.

That's when we took all our administrated overhead 100% Cloud Base, so in 2019 before the Pandemic, we decided to have a Cloud Base Technology, and was the best decision we made.

That allowed us to have better prices and stay with the Premium Grade Products. Now all our customers can have the best quality CBD without paying the huge prices sometimes these other companies push to them. We didn't want any investors or any loans, we told ourselves, we will build with NO debt.

Since we don't have to spit our profit with other investors or loans, we can assure our customers have the benefits of receiving products fast and affordable.

We are NOT as big NOW, we are starting out, But we are going on the right track, and we stand with a WOW Customer Service at all times. We do believe that our Customers are first and that they deserve the best service ever.

So thank You for all of you have contributed to our success but this is only the beginning, let's build the Best and Affordable CBD Company in The USA.

Your Friends at FlorBiz LLC

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